LINC learning activities

Here you can find descriptions of learning activities aims to engage jointly parents and learners for enhancing communication and for empowering parents to be meaningfully engaged into their children's education.


'Star gazing' learning activity GR FR SE CZ
Treasure hunt'   GR FR SE CZ
'Embracing cultural diversity' activity   GR FR SE CZ
'Parents' jobs to future children jobs'  GR FR SE CZ
'The child as an ICT teacher'    GR FR SE CZ
The (S)troll activity GR FR SE CZ
'The reversed classroom' activity GR FR SE CZ
'Towards realizing the value of education'  GR FR SE CZ
'Reflecting upon career aspirations'            GR FR SE CZ
Demystify Technology: it's magical, not magic' activity GR FR SE CZ


Additional activities were suggested by the school teachers that take part in the LINC project. The activities were inspired by the LINC activities and deployed during the project implementation period

The reversed sport lessonsuggested by teachers in Sweden. This activity inspired the 'Archery for all' activity that was implemented in Greece.

Self-evaluation activities- suggested by teachers in Sweden

 Additional activities suggested by individuals with an interest in the LINC learning intervention are available here.

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