LINC dissemination started at the beginning of the project implementation period with considerable outcomes. The dissemination strategy aimed at reaching all project stakeholders i.e. learners, teachers, parents, policy makers, learning designers, professional organizations, the lifelong learning community, the educational software industry, the research community, and the general public, at the national and international level through effective channels and tailored presentations. Conference publications, international networks, face to face communication, informational material, internet publications, workshops, social media presentations, and  were used to promote project objectives and outcomes.

Exploitation revolved around three tangents: a) the organization of events by project partners targeting stakeholders and policy makers b) the development of an exploitation agreement among consortium partners that aimed at facilitating the re-use of the LINC community building services through Creative Commons licences that make the software open source for re-use and adaptation with references to the original creators, i.e. the consortium members c) continuous collaboration with educational policy makers was pursued for promoting the adoption of project outcomes and results. 

Here you can access dissemination activities for the LINC project, including publications, media presentations, informational content, Internet presentations, and more. Exploitation events are also highlighted in a separated section.




Leaflet and poster




Web, media and press


Additional formal dissemination events


Exploitation events


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