A magic walk in the world of trolls for all in Sweden, October 2015

The last activity that was deployed in Sweden was the Stroll activity- this activity has been suggested by the teachers of Sandarne school in Sweden. Briefly the aim of the activity was to bring parents, students, teachers and family members together in the context of “a magic walk” in the forest. The older students of the school were responsible for setting up the “magic context”.
The participant students were encouraged to develop their creativity and imagination through the exploration of the fictional world of trolls. Literature, fairy tales, paintings, and songs were reviewed. Contacts with author of stories of fiction were pursued. Students of different grades participate in the activity holding discrete roles. The older students supported by their teachers create a “magic walk path” for younger students and their families. The “magic walk path” provided excellent opportunities for exploration of the world of trolls. Both groups practiced their skills in story-telling, reading, writing, dramatization, and more.
The event took place on the 23rd of October, 2015. It was considered successful as it was attended by more than 200 people including students, parents and family members). The students expressed their satisfaction regarding the event realization. The participant considered this as an enjoyable and important experience. 

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