The primary school of Giannitsa (Greece) raises a discussion about vaccination

The school staff of the 11th primary school of Giannitsa (Greece) was informed about the LINC activities and expressed an interest in participating in the project through an activity that links real life issues to the value of education. With guidance by the LINC team, Ms. Eleni Paraponiari, the class teacher of the 2nd grade, raised a discussion related to vaccination with the additional support of a doctor that visited the school. The doctor answered the questions that were raised by the kids. Through this discussion the class teacher identified key topics and called students and parents to work together in order to find information related to these topics. The findings were presented in the class.

‘It was exciting to see parents and students to present their findings. I am very satisfied and I think that the kids enjoyed the activity very much’ states the class teacher.

The teacher encouraged the kids to use crayons, brushes and colours to document in the paper their experiences and the knowledge gained.


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