Treasure hunt game in Greece, February 2015

The 25th primary school of Volos (Greece) carried out the 'treasure hunt' activity in collaboration with the 1st and the 13rd primary school of Volos. The necessary adaptations were made by the class teachers so that context-related requirements to be met. The activity took place on the 8th of February 2015.

Four groups of five students with their parents took part in the treasure hunt activity. One school teacher was set responsible for each group and provided high level information, basic instructions, ground rules and essential material (i.e. the map of the neighborhood). The aim of the treasure hunt game was to decipher clues and to find the four treasures. The treasures (exhibits and cultural artefacts) were located in four historical buildings of the city of Volos: the Giorgio de Chirico Art Gallery, the Library of the University of Thessaly, the Town Hall and the building of Lyceum of Greek Women, which also operated as a Museum of Greek Traditional Costumes.

The treasure hunt game would not have been possible without the support of the staff of the selected cultural organizations. The staff welcomed the groups and released more information related to the exhibits.


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