Deployment of activities in France: ‘Parents’ jobs to future children’ jobs and ‘the child as an ICT teacher’, February 2015

Two LINC activities have been deployed in France engaging teachers, parents and students:

  • “Parents’ Jobs to Future Children’ Jobs”
  • “The child as an ICT Teacher”

The activities were organized in four stages:

1st stage: In this stage, all the preparatory steps for the deployment of the activity took place. For example, during this stage parents were formally informed about the LINC initiatives through face to face meetings and discussions over phone. Questionnaires were also delivered to the parents in order to explore their availability and suggestions in relation to the planned activities; invitation letters were sent to the parents and material related to LINC project was uploaded on the LINC platform.

2nd stage: In this stage, the teachers introduced the LINC activities in the class and familiarized the students with the concept of each activity. The students were encouraged to work in groups. In the context of the activity “Parents’ Jobs to Future Children’ Jobs”, students prepared questions to address to the parents that will visit the school in order to talk about their professional roles. Concurrently, they search for information about different job roles, the skills and attributes needed for each job role, the educational pathways that should be followed and more. In the context of the activity, “The child as an ICT Teacher”, the students (supported by their teachers) prepared the course to be delivered to parents. The course was related to ICT (use of online platforms, social networks, internet and desktop applications). An Interactive White Board was also used to facilitate teaching purposes.

3rd stage: In this stage the activities reached their pick; a conference was organised targeting parents and other school community members. The conference entitled ‘Let’s go trades and ICT!’ was the ideal place for the real delivery of the courses that have been prepared by the students. The parents were also given the opportunity to talk about their job roles. Rooms were also allocated for discussions related to students’ career aspirations, potential educational pathways, skill-building services and more. The conference took place in ORT MONTREUIL School, in Montreuil, on the 10th of February. Fifty parents attended the event as well as the students and the teaching staff who have been involved in the LINC activities.

4th stage: The activity was concluded with a social event organized by the students and the school staff where all the school members were given the chance to discuss in a relaxing atmosphere, to exchange opinions and experiences and to get closer to each other.

The parents that took part in the activity/event expressed an understanding that a supportive school environment and a relationship of trust among students and teachers are important for their kids’ personal and emotional growth and school performance. They also reported  that the joint learning activities were providing opportunities for getting closer to the school community and understanding daily school practices. 




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