The reversed sport lesson

Drawing upon participants’ interest on the 'reversed classroom' activity, a follow up activity took place in Sweden entitled “reversed sports lesson”.

This activity drew upon the “reversed classroom” activity but it had a clear and direct focus on physical activities. The “reversed sports lesson” activity was suggested by the school of Östra in Sweden involving students from the 5th grade and their parents. The activity brings parents closer to the school and aims at familiarizing them with daily school activities. Following the ideas underpinning the “reversed classroom” activity, the students took a leading role demonstrating the physical activities to the parents and providing all the necessary instructions. The students also had the chance to practice their skills in organization, collaboration and communication. Through this activity students were also given the opportunity to review the curriculum with the support of their teachers, to reflect upon the value of physical education and the role that exercise and workout play in their health.

The students were also encouraged to stress the need for physical activity and present the health benefits of regular exercise to their parents. Together with their teachers and parents reflected upon the different aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Ultimately, the roles in the context of the reversed sport lesson have been changed; the students are the trainers, the parents are the trainees and the teachers are the “scaffolders” of this initiative.



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