Self evaluation activities in Sweden

The self-evaluation activity was suggested by teachers in Sweden and it is an educational practice that is still on.

In the context of this activity learners are encouraged to complete a self-evaluation form in a periodic basis. The form has been prepared by the school teachers and it can be updated in case needed (i.e. questions that raise confusion can be replaced or rephrased, additional questions may be added to cover emerging issues and more). The students are encouraged to answer questions related to their performance, behaviour and skills. In other words, they are encouraged to reflect upon their performance, skills and attitude. 

At a later stage the students are encouraged to talk about their self-evaluation forms in a meeting with the presence of the parents and the teacher. The teachers undertake the responsibility of organizing the meeting but the students are responsible of opening up and leading the discussion. They are also encouraged to identify areas in which their performance can be improved and suggest specific actions for building the necessary skills. The teachers and the parents raise key questions aiming to help the child develop his/her thinking and reflection. The meeting does not have a judgmental character; both parents and teachers hold and advisory and supporting role. 

So far 128 students enrolled in Sandarne school have taken part in self-evaluation activities. The Greek schools that participate in the LINC partnership also expressed interest in the self-evaluation practice and are at the moment in contact with the teachers of the Sandarne school in order to explore possible ways of adaptation to the Greek educational context.



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