LINC meets the school community members of the primary school of Ermioni, March 23,2015

The school staff of the primary school of Ermioni (prefecture of Argolida, Greece) was informed about the LINC activities[1] and expressed an interest in participating in the project with a small group of students with special needs. More precisely, the group consisted of 5 students with autistic disorders.The school staff adapted the LINC activities to the needs of the participating students. The intervention took place on the 23rd of March, 2015 and started with a brief introduction to the educational software “Magic Potion”. The “Magic Potion” is actually an adventure-style game for learning that was developed for primary and secondary education students with mild intellectual disability within the EPINOISI project[2], by the Laboratory of New Technologies in Communication, Education and the Mass Media of the Univ. of Athens. The game consists of four episodes (corresponding to the pursuit of the four colours of a missing rainbow), includes narrative scenes and some 20 micro-games for practicing in a playful way maths, language skills and everyday life skills).

After the introduction the students supported by their teachers were engaged in the game-play. The parents could observe their children's engagement in game play as well as their interaction with the class teachers. After the completion of the session the teachers and the parents were encouraged to talk about their experience. Then the discussion revolved around the LINC social networking community; teachers and parents considered possible strong aspects and shared their worries. In overall, the parents enjoyed the experience and embraced the idea underpinning the LINC project indicating possible ways for addressing the needs of a new target group, this of parents of children with special needs that seek for opportunities to communicate their concerns, to be in contact with experts and educational advisors, to collaborate more closely with the teachers.


[1] The school staff was informed about the LINC project through the communication channels that have been established for dissemination purposes.

[2] Project Leader Prof. M. Meimaris, Co-ordinator Assist. Prof. D. Gouscos. For more information on the EPINOISI project please visit



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