Additional formal events

Additional formal events that aimed at promoting project outcomes to stakeholders

  • LINC was presented at the Europa ICT Lisbon Meeting "Innovate, Connect, Transform Event" on October 20-22, 2015 more
  • LINC was presented in the context of the exhibition: ‘Futur en Seine- The digital for Innovation opportunities” on June 11, 2015 in Paris more
  • LINC was presented in the context of the Tablette à l’ecole 2014 Conference:CAP DIGITAL in France  on September 24, 2014 more
  • LINC was presented at the EUCIS-LLL conference that took place on 3rd of June, 2014 in Brussels more
  • LINC presentation at the ELIG Annual Conference in Berlin (Germany) on September 11, 2015 more


Selected events targeting external organizations and networks

  • LINC project was promoted to the Association Energies Jeunes on December 2013 and March 2014 (follow up) more 
  • LINC project was promoted to the Association PEAJ on March 2014 more
  • LINC promoted to EAEA (European Association for the Education of Adults) in June 2014 more
  • LINC promoted to EUROCHILD in June 2014 more
  • LINC promoted to FREREF Foundation of European Regions for Research in Education and Training in June 2014 more
  • LINC presented to the European Parent’s Association in June 2014 more
  • LINC was presented at the Congress de la classe Inversee on July 3-4, 2015 more
  • Contacts with the Diofantos Center of CTI resulted in LINC publication on Photodentro portal more



Selected events targeting students, parents and teaching staff

  • LINC presented to 20 students of the 1st High School of Volos (Greece), January 22, 2014 more

  • LINC presented to parents at the 12th primary school of Volos (Greece), February 26, 2014 more

  • LINC presented to students from the Vocational High School of Tyrnavos (Greece), March 7, 2014 more

  • LINC presented to 2nd High School of Aitoliko (Greece), March 27, 2014 more

  • LINC presented to students from the 10th Secondary School of Volos (Greece), March 14, 2014 more

  • LINC presentation to GRETA of Limoges (France) on September 9, 2014 more
  • LINC parental meetings at ZSKolin (in Czech Republic) targeting the school community and managerial staff of the school  on November 20, 2014 more
  • LINC presentation to ORT Montreuil  (France) on January 21, 2014 more
  • Meeting for information and discussions on the pedagogic impact of LINC in Sandarne school (Sweden), February 2014 more

  • Informational meeting on LINC project and activities in Sandarne School(Sweden), May 2014 more

  • LINC presented to 40 students from the High School of Velestino(Greece), February 4, 2015 more
  • LINC presented to 22 students from the 2nd lower secondary school of Volos (Greece), March, 9 2015 more
  • LINC presented to the parent community of the 25th primary school of Volos, October 9, 2015 more

  • LINC presented to the High School "Maurice Grynfogel" in France,  October 13, 2015 more
  • LINC presented to the High School of Marseille in France, November 2, 2015 more 

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