The (S)troll activity in Czech Republic, October 2015

The “Stroll activity” was carried out in ZSKolin school in Czech Republic. It started in May 2015 and concluded in October 2015. With the necessary adaptations to the ZSKolin school context, the “Stroll activity” was implemented in four stages involving primarily the students of the 6th grade. As the activity was progressing more students got involved in the activity. The activity reached its peak through the organization of a theatrical performance with a scenario inspired by strories from the world of trolls.

 The activity was carried out in 4 stages.

1st stage: At a first stage the 6th graders of the school were encouraged to find information and myths related to trolls and other supernatural beings. The stage of reviewing existing information lasted almost 2 months. In order to gather information the students visited the library of Kolin, reviewed information that was available online, read books and more.

2nd stage: Then the students were called to present their findings to the younger students of the school in an catchy and easy to grasp way. The class teachers supported the 6th graders during the process of reviewing information and preparing the presentation.

3rd stage: After having presented the outcomes of their research to their younger classmates the students were divided into two groups. The first one was involved in the dramatization of selected myths with trolls. The other group was involved in the crafting activities such as making the scenes and troll costumes etc. The 3rd stage was actually a preparatory stage for something bigger, a theatrical performance.

4th stage: The 6th graders worked towards the realization of the theatrical performance. The scenario was inspired by the myths of trolls that the students had reviewed. The class teachers helped them in the preparation of the scenario and the dramatization of the scenes. On October 22, 2015 the theatrical performance ‘the nice troll and the princess’ took place in the ZSKolin school. The audience composed of parents, family members, school students and teachers.

Follow up activities took place with the audience (including parents and family members) taking an active role in making cookies, crafts and other imaginative constructions. The parents, the students and the teachers worked together for almost 2 hours.


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