University of Thessaly

                                               Argonafton & Filellinon, 38221 Volos, Greece site


                      ORT France

                                                            Villa d'Eylau, 75116 Paris, France site



                                                            ZS Kolin

                                                            Ovcarecka 372, 28002 Kolin , Czech Republic



                                                            1st Primary School of Volos

                                                            Vassani 69, 38333 Volos, Greece



                      Center for Flexible Learning

                      Jarnvagstgatan 7, 82680 Soderhamn, Sweden site




IRETETH                                 Institute for Research and Technology Thessaly/

                                                          Center for Research and Technology Hellas

                                                          Dimitriados 95 & Pavlou Mela, 38333 Volos, Greece site 

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