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The school staff of the primary school of Keramia in the island of Kefallonia was informed about the LINC activities and expressed an interest in participating in the project with a small group of 11 students. The school teachers Ms Margarita Tsoura-Giannakopoulou, MS. Rafaela Pouliou and Ms. Vaso Tsitsika adapted the "Stroll activity" to the needs of the participant students. The activity revolved around the story "the 7 knights in colours". The story had with fictional features and important didactic messages about equity, collaboration and the value of “multidisciplinarity” in team work but it had no end. The students and their parents were called to complete and to illustrate the last part of the story.

 The aim of the activity was through playful learning tasks related to the selected tale to actively and playfully engage the students in reading practices and in a number of challenges.

The intervention lasted in total 8 hours and was organized in 8 stages involving 11 students and their parents. An interactive whiteboard was used and a computer for carrying out online activities. 

The school teachers expressed their satisfaction about the outcomes of this activity and they are interested in carrying out similar tasks that put emphasis on parent participation and are playful in nature raising students’ interest, imagination and curiosity. 

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